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    From MAID, I learn English and “How to be A Tough Mom”

    Why English? Firstly, I just want you to know the reason why I write an article in English. And the reason is to increase my capability in English. So, I start it by reading and writing in English for my daily life. I am a blogger and I write articles almost every day. So, writing is my daily activity. So do reading.  Before writing an article, I used to read some sources to make a readable and good article. Because, I want my readers to get some benefit, not a hoax through reading my articles. Even though I have written Indonesian articles for so long, about ten years, it’s important…

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    5 Benefits of Having The White Bounce House in Your Outdoor Events

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, almost all over the world have stopped indoor events. Because indoor gathering makes it easier for the corona virus to spread. Even studying at school and working in an office is turning into studying and working from home with online system. After the pandemic subsided, governments in each country also set health protocol rules for various activities. Even though the pandemic has subsided, indoor activities are still under strict supervision. Therefore, some event organizers recommend outdoor events. Holding outdoor event is good because people gather at wider area so there will be a better air circulation. Smooth air circulation certainly does not store viruses.…