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From MAID, I learn English and “How to be A Tough Mom”

Why English?

Firstly, I just want you to know the reason why I write an article in English. And the reason is to increase my capability in English. So, I start it by reading and writing in English for my daily life.

I am a blogger and I write articles almost every day. So, writing is my daily activity. So do reading. 

Before writing an article, I used to read some sources to make a readable and good article. Because, I want my readers to get some benefit, not a hoax through reading my articles.

Even though I have written Indonesian articles for so long, about ten years, it’s important for me to start writing English articles to level up my value as a professional blogger.

For several times, I have accepted some offers to write an article from a brand company to promote their product or website. Unluckily, I can’t accept all the offers caused by my “not good enough-skill” in English writing. 

Just for your information, the fee for English writing is more expensive than Indonesian writing. It’s such an interesting lure, isn’t it? Ahahaha…

Netflix, My Best Spot to Learn English

To increase my English-writing skill, I registered for an Online English course and then I chose Academic Writing Class. Thank God, I use a fast Internet Provider for Internet Fixed Broadband service at home. So, no problem for me to attend my online class at night twice a week. 

I also increase my skill through activities in my daily life, like watching movies or series on TV and listening to English songs.

Fortunately, my Internet Provider also supports Netflix as an Add-On Package. So, I can watch my favorite series with English subtitles. 

By reading the subtitles and listening to the conversation, I understand the correct words for a particular topic. And I also know some informal words that I can use for a storytelling article.

Based on my experience, learning English through my favorite activities will be easier to understand. Then, I can apply it easily in my daily life. As we know, mostly TV series on Netflix use daily English conversation.

My vocabulary is growing everyday like a tree with many fruits and leaves while watching TV series on Netflix, hehehe.

MAID, One of My Favorite Series on Netflix

Since I was notified by Netflix for this TV series, the caption got my heart. It’s about a young mom with a sweety little daughter who runs away from home caused by an abusive marriage.

MAID on Netflix (Source : Netflix.com)

I almost cried a river while watching the trailer. It’s such a complicated life ever for a young mom.

Alex is her name, the young mom. And Maddy is her daughter’s name. And her husband’s name is Sean.

In fact, this TV series is based on a true story of Stephanie Land.

Stephanie Land

So, MAID was not only released as a TV series but also as a book with same title. The story was written by Stephanie Land herself.

MAID shows us how complicated the problems in Alex’s life are after she gets out of their home. 

We can see how difficult she has to find a job while Maddy is with her. She also faces difficulties in finding a house for both of them. The complicated process of divorce makes her really so dizzy. 

The problems seem to run after her. While she’s getting tons of trouble with her marriage, her mother Paula can’t help her just to take care of Maddy. Moreover, Paula also participates in adding up the problems to Alex’s life. A mother should be a shelter for a daughter. How pitiful you are, Alex.

But thank God, there are still kind people who help Alex to go through her hard daily life. And then, she starts getting more power, more patience, and an open-way for her problems.

Alex is me

As I watch Alex, I almost seem like watching myself on screen. Yeah, sometimes I cry with a smile. 

She works anything just to survive, especially for her little daughter. She even works as a maid, a low pay maid.

Like me. I am a blogger, nano influencer, finance staff, and sometimes a buzzer on social media. Hahaha…I work many jobs to get some money for our daily needs.

She becomes braver to fight for her life, for her Maddy. OMG…I immediately remember my daughter when she was a little daughter with me wherever I go since we became two.

Alex also loves writing like me. And she began to write again after she was awake from her sleeping for so long. Sleeping with all the problems, sleeping with all the tears, sleeping with all her nightmares.

Alex is also enthusiastic in learning new things, even she plans to apply for college after her divorce.

In my daily life, I also love learning new things like blogging, English writing, and many more to level up my skill as a blogger or something else.

Finally, Alex lives just with her daughter, so do I.

Alex loves Writing

Writing is where I go to be honest about how I feel.

Sometime it’s really the only way for me to know what it is that I’m feeling.

Like I have to write in order to see what I’m gonna write.

If that makes any sense

I find that it’s a lot easier to write the truth than it is to say it out loud. Nobody can take writing away from you


What do I learn from MAID?

As I write above, I learn English from TV series on Netflix. MAID is one of them. 

But, not only learn English, I also learn many things about becoming a tough and smart mom.

Whatever the problems I get in life, firstly I should be calm. Keep loving your family around you. 

And then, I would like to learn new things to increase your value whatever I am, as a blogger, an office staff, and a mom.

And one thing, be kind and honest.

IndiHome provides A Complete Internet Fixed Broadband

Fortunately, IndiHome as Internet Provider from Telkom Group provides Internet Fixed Broadband service with some Add-on package.

Netflix is one of Add-on package on IndiHome.

Netflix Add-on Package

We have known that IndiHome is the best Internet Fixed Broadband Provider with a fast and stable network. That’s why I choose IndiHome as an Internet Provider at home to support my daily life as a blogger who spends much time on the internet for writing and doing research.

Not only for writing or learning, IndiHome as an Internet Provider helps me to enjoy entertaining contents like TV series, movies, and Music. Yeah…it also reduces my stress.

And I hope by learning English through watching TV series on Netflix, I can improve my ability in writing English day by day. So, I hope my readers will love reading my articles and more people from abroad will offer collaboration with me.

Through MAID and IndiHome, I can enjoy my daily life, happy or sad. Then, I can write good English Articles joyfully.

References :

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  2. https://indihome.co.id/promo/paket-addon-netflix
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Ila Rizky

I want to watch Maid series on Netflix after reading this article. Yes, so true. Writing on a blog also makes me know myself better and know what I want to enjoy and feel the harmony of my life.

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Iya.. saya sering juga akhir-akhir ini melihat beberapa tontonan yang akan tayang di Netflix, kebanyakan saya terratik untuk nonton, soalnya trailernya bagus-bagus, Termasuk serial Maid ini.

Nur Asiyah

Sepertinya film ini keren. Beberapa kali tertarik untuk nonton di netflix, disney+, dll karena banyak film menarik. Kebetulan saya juga pakai indihome. Internetnya lancar dan oke.


Alex, you and me, we are almost the same. I am exs maid too, a blogger, nano influencer, and sometimes a buzzer on social media. Although work many other jobs to get some money for our daily needs, too.
lets we pray together for our power


aku mau komen bahasa inggris, khawatir salah grammarnya wkwk. Mbak Henny, aku pernah nonton trailernya dan penasaran sama ceritanya. tapi setelah baca tulisan ini agak terobati hehe. thank you Mbak Hen


Widih keren, nampaknya sudah rasanya bermain main dengan kata kata bahasa Inggris.Aku bantu berdoa moga segera dapet job English Article yessss

Ulfah Aulia

Memang bahasa Ibu yg satu ini lebih dinilai, wkwkwk mantapp Mba. Aku mau nulis artikel english begini masih jadi mimpi. Tapi bahasanya sederhana, sangat mudah dimengertinya..

Yola widya

Nonton film itu cara paling ampuh ngelancarin bahasa Inggris menurutku


I totally agree that IndiHome is the best Fixed Broadband Internet Provider with a fast and stable network

kata nieke

It’s been a long time for did’nt write in English. I still read articles from BBC, or any other sites written in English. It’s nice to see Indonesian friends write in English. Mostly they are affraid because of grammar. Well, me too. But if we support each other instead being of grammar nazy, it would be nice. Because we could grow up each others.


Setuju dengan artikel ini. Salah satu cara mengubah mindset adalah dengan melihat/watching. Dan ini sangat efektif sekali dalam meningkatkan kapasitas bahasa juga. Beberapa balita bahkan tau beberapa kosakata asing walaupun belum tau artinya lewat menonton


I dont like sad stroy, it’s always make me cry.
And if I were cry, I got an headache.
I like comedy more, or fantasy story, or fun fiction…

Lance rosa

i’ve been hearing about MAID long time ago sist. and as i know, its clearly told us to be taugh and never give up even no one support. good series.

Icha marina elliza

Jadi semangat ya kak. Alex yang berjuang demi putrinya melakukan apa saja agar bisa menghidupi nya.
Whoooaaah pasti banyak adegan bawang nih ya di film ini..


Pas baca artikel ini secara keseluruhan paham sebenarnya.. Tp mau mulai baca buku berbahasa Inggris atau nulis artikel in english kok rasanya beraaaaat

Ni berat atau malas sebenarnya 🤭🤣

Rizky Nasution

Ajdi tertarik nonton film nya 😁 btw makasi juga info paket Indihome nya mba. Mayan kan utk paket nonton Netflix 🤭


Nice article, Bu.

Jadi motivasi buat Yumna untuk mempelajari bahasa asing


Nice article, Bu.

Jadi motivasi buat Yumna untuk mempelajari bahasa asing seperti englısh

Fenni Bungsu

Lewat nonton film yang berbahasa Inggris bisa sekaligus juga ya belajar bahasa Inggris. Apalagi bisa dikatakan itu metode belajar secara gak langsung juga sih

Dian Farida Ismyama

Wah jadi pingin nonton film maid deh. Menarik ceritanya pasti ga mudah kluar dari lingkaran kdrt kayak gitu. Bahasa Inggris mba bagus banget.


Wah iya, bisa juga ya belajar bahasa Inggris dengan menonton tayangan yang ada di Netflix
Untungnya ada IndiHome ya mbak
Bisa nonton tanpa hambatan

Bai Ruindra

Saya harus belajar banyak bahasa Inggris ini kak, terima kasih sudah berbagai ya


Nice articel kak.. We have to be a tough woman, whatever condition we face in the future. This article makes me interest of watching MAID.

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